For over 10 years we've provided supply chain solutions to household names across the globe.

10 Years of Growth and Success

The Orderly Suite was born as ‘EasyWebstore’ in 2008, with the simple idea to make selling online as easy as possible. Over the next two years we grew rapidly – adding features to manage supply chain operations and working closely with Food and Beverage enterprises. In 2011 we launched our 'Orderly' product to assist a multinational coffee chain with Order Management. From there we began to work with other household names across the sector, and developed the mature suite of ecommerce, inventory and forecasting products which are used in thousands of stores across the world today.

Our Management Team

Peter Evans


George Randall


Dave Hall


Lee Hall

Head of Operations

Simon Robinson

Service Delivery Manager
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Our Future

We believe the Orderly Suite can reduce waste and carbon emissions in food and beverage organisations. We are going to continue to develop the Orderly Suite and scorecards to focus on minimising wastage - with the aim to see our solution saving the planet across the world's largest food and beverage enterprises.

Client-centric solutions which put your customers at the heart of everything we do is not just a definition, it's our obsession.

Our technologies and processes are built for enterprise - scalable, secure and robust to cope with rapidly changing needs.

We encourage a culture of honesty and openness. If we can't speak about problems how they are, it's impossible to fix them.

We don't develop technology for technology's sake. Every development has to be accompanied with a benefit to your business.