Orderly Forecasting

Produce and source fast and accurate forecasts.

Accurate forecasting of promotional items

Remove Excel hell - ridiculously simple for all stakeholders to utilise

Unparalleled ability to forecast for promotional items

Source and produce forecasts in minutes, not months

Created in partnership with food and beverage enterprises

Collect Promotional Forecasts

The Orderly Forecasting solution collects demand for promotions - whether that be sourcing forecasts from franchises and / or store managers or programatically forecasting based on previous sales, the solution makes demand planning simple and easy.

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Constrain Ordering Based on Forecasting

Via an integration with Orderly Order Management store managers and franchisees' orders can be constrained to their forecast by a set tolerance - ensuring the entire supply chain operates smoothly with a reduction in waste and stock-outs.


Flexible Editing

Edit forecasts at any level of granularity or aggregation for any group of stores


Running on the Orderly tech stack, the application can cope with huge amounts of data

Omni-Channel Forecasts

Support for multiple sales channels and supply chain routes - e.g. in-store / online

Forecast AI

Utilise machine learning to suggest forecasts without needing a team of data scientists

User Grouping

Configure bespoke options and rules for groups of forecasters, stores and users

Touchless Processes

Manage forecasting operations by exception to improve efficiency of your central planning team


Understand parts of the supply chain where spoilage occurs to minimise holding to reduce waste

Forecasting Reports

Compare forecasts against actual demand to understand the accuracy behind historical forecasts

Continuous Enhancements

The solution and data models are constantly being enhanced via a roadmap defined by our clients

Supporting Starbucks Europe, Middle East and Africa

The Orderly Suite empowers Starbucks store managers across Europe, The Middle East and Africa to effortlessly forecast, manage inventory and reorder stock.

Make Complex Forecasts Simple

Despite the benefits of Orderly forecasting, the prospect of implementing these tools can be intimidating, even more so for organisations still using Excel. Our solution can be implemented inline with your organisations Demand Planning maturity - utilising alerting and dashboarding with import and export of spreadsheets first before activating all the features of our demand planning tool and utilising predictive and prescriptive analytics.

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