Order Management and Ecommerce

Powerful food and beverage online commerce.

Increase sales. Increase efficiency.

B2B and B2C

Our platform supports business-to-business order management and business-to-consumer eCommerce. Full of advanced features like multiple catalogues, complex vouchers, subscriptions and payment on account - the specialist platform can cater for any business case.

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You need a specialist platform to make the most of selling food online - our platform has been built from the ground up to properly deal with the intricacies.

We fit into your enterprise technology mix with a range of enterprise integrations out of the box (including Salesforce, Barclaycard SmartPayB, SAP and Oracle).

Our templating engine ensures the customer's view is 100% customisable - your agency can customise every pixel in their choice of technology.

The platform is highly configurable to deal with complex global supply chains and ownership structures, including franchise and licensing models


Pick and Pack Technologies

Orderly's powerful order production and pick and pack applications speed up packing of food and beverage - including splitting and weighing ingredients, labelling and warehousing. Orderly scorecards are used to benchmark staff for accuracy, waste management and speed.


Order Capture

Easily manage pricing, configure and capture orders

Integrates Everywhere

Integrates with CRM, ERP, payment gateways and marketing

Full Visibility

Full reporting suite and integrations with enterprise BI tools

Catalogue Management

Configure customer specific catalogues and site front-ends

Customer Grouping

Configure bespoke options and rules for groups of customers

Touchless Processes

Automate all workflows from customer order to dispatch

Recurring Orders

Set up recurring and subscription orders with auto-billing


Track performance of every piece of your sales operations

Exception Resolution

24/7 technical and ops monitoring with exception reports

Integrates with your technology mix

Orderly are experts at integrating our suite with your enterprise technology landscape. With out of the box integrations with ERPs (including Oracle and SAP), CRMs (including Salesforce and NAV CRM) , 3PLs (DPD, GIST, Mnetics) and the ability to request integrations with any third party - we make it set up as simple as possible.

Supporting Starbucks Europe, Middle East and Africa

The Orderly Suite empowers Starbucks store managers across Europe, The Middle East and Africa to effortlessly forecast, manage inventory and reorder stock.

Perfect for Franchised Store Estates

The Order Management platform makes ordering effortless for franchisees and management easy for the franchisor. With mobile apps and predictive ordering in conjunction with our inventory management software – store managers can concentrate on delighting customers rather than managing cumbersome back-office operations.

Easy Order

Users can enter orders or upload via spreadsheet weeks in advance. ASR orders can be signed off or edited.


Mobile first web platform and native Android and iOS interfaces mean no capital costs for hardware provisions

Invoicing and Payments

Standalone or ERP integrated invoicing. Orderly integrates with over 30 payment processors.

Marketing Communications

Publish targeted marketing communication direct to customers. App alerts, emails or SMS messages.

BIM Integration

BIM integration to manage construction project pricing for new store builds

Consolidated Orders

Produce consolidated orders for large groups of stores